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Are you Looking for the best waterfront homes in rocky point (Puerto Penasco)? if yes then you are landed in right place? We at Hacienda Rentals, offer multiple amenities to our guests at an affordable price. Our services are tailor-made and we cater to our customers’ needs in the best possible way. When a person plans a beach vacation the first thing that comes instantly to their mind is the place where they are going to stay. We understand that when people are away from their homes, they miss them quite often. That's why Hacienda Rentals are facilitating folks with villas that provide comfort just like homes. Well, living on the beach is a dream for people and some people successfully live their dream by renting beachfront houses. The best thing about these houses is that they are located right on the beach. Moreover, rental beach houses offer great amenities to their guests. We at Hacienda de Penasco are catering people with our top-notch beach house services. The amenities that we provide you with are as follow:

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Cook Prep Your Meal in Our Furnished Kitchens

One of the major benefits of having a kitchen on your beachfront is that you can cook a meal for your children. It has been seen that children are a little grumpy and moody and they usually do not like the food of restaurants. If your kids are one of them or you do not want to waste your money by spending them on fancy food, then these kitchens would be best for you. Our kitchens are fully furnished and are equipped with every kitchen appliance. You can cook whatever you want in these kitchens.

Enjoy Your Swimming in Private Pools

The best thing about being on the beach is its atmosphere. You can enjoy quality time on the beach by doing so many activities. Our vocational rentals are furnished and equipped with modern and antique designs. We also facilitate you with the astonishing pools, you can privately own these pools and enjoy your time. We understand that your privacy matters a lot and we guarantee you that with these private pools your privacy won't be affected.

Crush Your Hunger with The Exquisite Cuisine

When you are on the beach the seafood is a must! We have one of the best restaurants and chefs in our villas. Our cuisine is splendid especially the seafood, our corn and fish chowder is made with fresh and calm juice. Whether you want classic crispy fish tacos, shrimp PO Boy, ultimate salmon burger, or a king crab, our chefs will provide you with the dishes you just need. Optimum And Luxurious Mexico Vacation Rentals. Among various Mexico vacation rentals in rocky points what makes us unique is our reliable services. Our villas are furnished, flourished, and ventilated. We provide full privacy to you and your loved ones. You can have your desired villa according to your needs. Make sure to contact us before you plan a holiday in rocky point, we would be happy to assist you with our services. Exquisite Villa Rentals by Owner Puerto Penasco! We Make Your Trip Worth Remembering!

We know that you want a peaceful and quiet holiday. And that's why we assure you that with us you'll be at tranquility. We make sure that your stay would be stress-free and that you will have the best time of your life in our villas. Our services are vast and diverse and we surely know how to make your trip memorable. You can trust us with our services. Villa Rentals by Puerto Penasco would love to host you!. We guarantee you that with our services you will be at comfort. For further information, you can take a glance at our website!

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